the Blue brain

Well always wanted to pen down my thoughts and enable word bridges to all my brain pulses that cease to jump and jolt past my conscious self. Most times when you do actually succeed to shut out all that noise inside you there goes a subtle reminder from the almighty above that a subconscious self exists. Its there, right in-your-face kinds, for life is certainly not all-explained terminology called science and galaxies and black holes. There are things deeper, deeper darker secrets, the mysteries of time, the universe, the living creatures, the oceans, mysteries of human existence, the human body, is it really a machine with everything inside placed just perfectly for it to eat, sleep, work,reproduce. Or, we are just puppets of some godly designer who is laughing it off over his cuppa tea watching all of this human race dance n go about in his pretend play  foolishly calling this lego block environment as our Life.Just like some learned greats have pronounced time n again that life is a stage and we all have our parts to play..What if that is actually how it is..the mysteries of how we evolved, how have we transformed things around us without realizing how small we are, how miniscule our everyday-worries of work, traffic .. kids n education and illness..look when you recognise the magnanimity of the existence of other worlds. How can we as a life form, totally turn blind to the fact that what we call evolution through eras is just a fraction of a second when u talk of the universe as a whole.

Well well was just rewiring my brain to get back to my daily chores, paying bills, making those long distance relationship-maintenance calls and looks like a drop fell out. Some part of inner self keeps forcing me to block that blue part of my brain, but a little spillage here n there might just calm the deep tremors and hold the tsunamis in place, All bandaged up to start yet another play day.